Welcome to the Motor Works and Brewing Company world where you will find everything to be a blend of motor and steel. Sitting in Motor Works and Brewing Company is like sipping beer in an urbane industrial plant watching a play. Imagine if you will, the unique muscle Beer Mugs as our action hero! He’s the one calling the shots, making the hops and malts dance to his tunes. Why?

Well the Beer Mug wants his beer of course! Once the taps are turned on, the bartender gently fills the mugs with a fresh, fragrant brew and let’s the foam The entire setting - the background, the little elements of cutlery tags and the MWBC toolkits are enacting a part, a role. All these elements come together to curate something unique ...

They unfold the mystique, the magic of the MWBC industrial set up. The MWBC play encompasses all the senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing! The tastes and the feel of the place will leave a long last impression and linger with you long after you leave. Motor Works and Brewing Company brings to the forefront, a deep and intrinsic relationship between motors and beers. An adrenalin rush, a deep rooted emotion links, sipping a cold brew to driving your favourite car or riding a bike.
A Belgian Wit A light and grainy beer with a spicy taste. While you sip this brew, look for the overtones of coriander and orange!
A Porter Porter was developed in London and research shows that the name comes from its popularity with street and river porters. A dark maroon hue, sweet and savoury M taste with flavours of honey and apple are what After Burner is all about.
A kind of German Weiss. With a strong aroma, it is a rich beer known for its fruity tastes and distinct colour.
A kind of Stout Beer A full bodied beer with bitter sweet chocolate and roasted malt, originating from Ireland.
A Radler A refreshing summer beer with a citrusy after taste. Originating from Germany, its the perfect beer for the hot and sultry Kolkata weather. Lite Auto is refreshing on the palette and a must try for all women. A side sipping note, did you know #radler means cyclist in German?



Towering over Kolkata’s IT Sector hub, Beyzaa combines chic and modern style with an intimate, boutique atmosphere and panoramic city view. Be at tranquility while enjoying the peaceful and very soothing white interiors depicting serenity.

Beyzaa invites you to create pleasant, relaxing and joyous moments amid chaos. Be it for a business meet or a pleasant stay, Beyzaa promises you a mesmerizing holiday with our stylish ambience, delicious global foods and exceptional hospitality. Be with us!

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